Milk Storage

I know there is speculation about milk storage for such a period of time. Because of this, I have created a video of some of the milk I have stored. My hopes when creating it were to help set people's mind at ease a little, and to provide milk closure to those that may be questioning the keepsakes they have already received. I understand your wait has been longer than expected, this has been due to things outside of my control, and I'm so very sorry for the excessive wait. I hope you find this video informative. Once you have joined the secret facebook group you will be filled in to the reason for the excessive delay, among other importat information.




Below is a quick explanation about a bit of the process, the form, and appearance of the milk.


One of the last steps in pre-treating your milk before storage, is dehydration. This step ensures that the milk can stay stable at room temperature in a controlled environment without expiration. This step removes all moisture, thus concentrating your milk. The final product will look different from the concentrated powdered form shown in my video. There are a couple more steps, than the last step is bagging your milk, labeling it with your name, date processed, and then it gets stapled to the order sheet that you sent with your milk. Those sheets are kept, with milk attached, in a room that runs a dehymidifyer 24/7. All milk used in a pendant is the milk that was sent for that specific pendant. Regardless of length of storage, delays, or speculation YOUR breast milk is used to complete the item you receive.


You can find me in the MommyMillk Creations Facebook group for more info.






Preserved milk color variations

I have received some inquiries on my page about the appearance of milk in finished pendants. Each pendant has it's own appearance when finished just like the breast milk used to create it. Some are more transparent or opaque than others, some are more yellow, tan, or whiter than others. Each piece is unique just like the milk used to create it! I am unable to change the final color your milk will be, it's part of what makes each piece special and specific to each person it's created for. Some of these variations are shown in the examples below:


These are two filled feet pendants that were just finished. You can see how one is more opaque and slightly yellow and the other is more transparent and whiter.


The other example is a set of lockets I've done in the past, the difference between the preserved milk is clear.


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